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The Ice Capade is On…    and its on Friday the 19th

Pre-party will be among the haunts of the notorious Captain Thunderbolt, specifically at 838 Whalley Ave Apartment #3. Hot cider with some baseline modifications will be served at 8:00pm. Bring your witch’s stick, the broom alteration table will be equipped with a sorted array of colored duct tape.  At 10pm we will convene at the Ralph Walker Skating Pavilion on State Street. Skates are available for rental ($4) but you might want to bring gloves and a helmet (nothing dissipates a buzz like a bump on the head). A biking helmet should suffice, and mittens will keep your hands warm. I don’t know how cold it is in there but long underwear might be nice even if you do decide to Evgeni.

From 10:30 to 11:30pm the ice is ours. We'll begin with a game of broom ball and possibly evolve/digress into rounds of curling and Asada Sister emulation.

Text/call (203) 858-3699 if you get lost, have any questions or need a pep talk. Please, no gifts; I look phat in everything. But on the other hand, if the recession hasn't hit you yet, any donations you make toward cider and ice rental would be appreciated.

Come for any and all of the festivities. Don't be afraid to skip the pre-party and show up at the rink with friends who like to skate. But remember, we've only got an hour on the ice, and I’ve got five CDs for the rink PA that will make this the hottest night on ice since Dorthy Hamill. 

Ciao tutti...  

Amore, a Pirate of Westville